Trading Platform

Securities Trading Platform – Download Version

Key features:

  • 1. Multiple Program Trade

    Orders for program trading will stay on the trading server and will be sent to the Exchange only if the predefined condition is met.

    For example: “Stop/Trigger”
    If you wish to place a stop order: Assuming the nominal price is $99.6, when the nominal price falls to $99.55, triggering the pre-set price, the system will then sell 1,000 units of product 00001 at $99.55 using the enhanced limit order.

    For example: Market-if-touched (MIT)
    After inputting the product, price, quantity and trigger price in the account, the order will then be held in the system. Once the trigger price is touched, the order will then be submitted to the market.

  • 2. Order Shortcut Keys

    You may customize your own set of shortcut keys to place orders quickly.